Facebook Becoming MySpace

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13 Responses to “Facebook Becoming MySpace”

  1. KKortez3 says:

    I completely agree with you. But unlike Facebook, I actually think Youtube can make a change for the better, at least I hope so.

  2. KKortez3 says:

    “Then Google Plus”….G+ got a lot of advertisement & press, that’s why people know about it, and because Youtube shoves it down your throat if you’re trying to make a new account. But it was never successful enough like Facebook or MySpace.

  3. KKortez3 says:

    Not even, it’s sad to say, but as bad as Facebook may be, it’s much better than G+.

  4. KKortez3 says:

    You are partly right, Google Plus TRIED to be that replacement but it failed miserably. The only thing that stands out from G+ is the Hangouts, but even that wasn’t enough for people to cross over.

  5. KKortez3 says:

    I actually think it started out very simple, until all the apps came, then it was just horrible. But they fixed that. Now with timeline it’s very messy and complicated again. And for the record, I said ‘cluster fudge’, hehe.

  6. KKortez3 says:

    Right? I don’t think Facebook can turn it around at this point, it’s completely about the money now.

  7. KKortez3 says:

    Umm…thank you?

  8. alehodr says:

    sorry bro google plus is just a Fb with google theme

  9. dambreaker says:

    MySpace then Facebook, then Google Plus, then ?????

  10. thrashfan911 says:


  11. MrJHell1 says:

    Facebook had always been a cluster fuck, I didn’t like it and still don’t , but I’m on the damn thing.. My first was MySpace , it was more for artist types. Mine now it’s a clone of my YouTube.

  12. senseiromero says:

    couldn’t agree with u more parce 

  13. fightclub643 says:

    a noun is a person place thing or an idea

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